Mary Kay Sales Training

How do you get your independent representatives to continually work their business?
Direct Marketing companies like Mary Kay can give individual independent women a solid career or just additional income.  It's really up to the individual in what they want to accomplish as a dealer or director.

All Direct Marketing companies give men and women the same type of advantage. You can either just purchase the products that you use, do some light selling to your friends and family or create your own business dynasty. That dynasty is also called a down-line.

The down-line is a list of people who are in your individual organization yet when they sell you also make a commission. It's this down-line that most direct marketers including Mary Kay Directors wish to achieve. And who wouldn't want to achieve that?

What Directors and Team Leaders of these organization find themselves doing is recruiting the sales help that can build this dynasty. Why do they have to keep recruiting? Why do so many independent reps fail in the direct marketing world? In fact why do the vast majority fail?

Here is the answer: Most people have never been taught how to sell!

Salespeople are not born into this world. Many people are easy to talk to, and can carry on a good conversation. But for those that can't carry on a good conversation and for those that can but fail to close the deal... Well both groups need professional Mary Kay sales training.

The good news is, with the help of a professional trainer sales is a profession that can be taught! Now the newly self appointed sales representatives have to want to learn but if they are willing Mary Kay representatives and for that matter any Direct Marketing representatives can be successful.

Atlanta Sales and Consulting has taken this sales training to the next step. We have created an online sales training course for busy people. Our traditional off-site sales training takes  about 2 full days but we created a web based training that is broken up into 1 hour segments that for added convenience occurs at different times during the week.

And the best part is it is price at less than $50 per session so that everyone has a chance to come and learn with the professionals. Come join us for our Mary Kay Sales Training. The worst thing that can happen is you start to succeed.