Sales Training - Don't Forget Their Name

Okay this sounds pretty basic but admit... you have done this!

This must be the #1 sales training issue that has to be taught over and over again.

Have you ever just sat down with a prospect and they said their name so fast that you either didn't hear it, instantly forgot it, or you just didn't understand it?

It happens to everyone. Don't worry about it just stop what you are doing and ask them again. Just do it tactfully like this:
  • "I'm sorry I think I heard you pronounce you name 'xxxxx' is that correct?"
  • "I didn't get one of your cards do you have one available?"
  • "If I was to call back in with additional questions who should I ask for?"
All of these work. I was sitting with a prospect yesterday that had a strong Hispanic accent. He introduced himself very quickly, didn't have a card, and when the big boss came in she never addressed him by name. I was stuck. I had him right his email address down and it was only first initial full last name.

So the next day before I sent the thank you email I called into the receptionist and ask her the "correct spelling" of his first and last name - mission accomplished.

Please teach this to all of your reps during your next sales meeting. You must get the name and remember the name of the people you speak with.

Now that sales training 101!